Don’t Let Your Décolleté Reveal Your Age

Most of us think about anti-aging treatments for our face, but there’s another skin area that can prematurely age you, and it gets overlooked by most women: your décolleté. The skin on your chest gets almost as much sun as your face does – especially in warmer climates. Yet many women rarely consider an anti-aging treatment for that area. To prevent sun damage, it’s always best to use a sunscreen with at least 5-10% zinc or titanium, or 3% mexoryl as the first line of defense.

Repeated sun exposure over years can result in neck lines and cleavage wrinkles, redness, blotchiness and brown spots – all of which can prematurely age us. Several women also see cleavage wrinkles from sleeping on their sides. At Regenerative Aesthetics & Lasers NW we offer several safe and effective laser resurfacing treatment options to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your décolleté area.

When Treating Décolleté Wrinkles, More Than Creams Are Needed

Whether your chest area (also called décolleté) wrinkles are caused from sleeping on your side, or if years of sun exposure have prematurely aged your skin, it’s very common complaint that regenerative doctors and dermatologists hear. If you’ve tried over the counter creams, moisturizers and concealers in attempts to reduce wrinkles or minimize age or sun spots, but haven’t seen results, it might be time to consider a more effective treatment. Laser resurfacing treatments at Regenerative Aesthetics & Lasers NW may be right for you if you describe the skin on your neck and chest in any of the following ways:

Laser Resurfacing Can Erase Years Off Your Skin  

Laser resurfacing, also referred to as laser skin therapy, is a treatment that Regenerative Aesthetics & Lasers NW offers in order to address skin irregularities such as wrinkles, discoloration, and scaring. These types of skin irregularities can leave you feeling less vibrant, less confident and less youthful. Laser resurfacing works by utilizing a very precise application of short, concentrated pulses of light on the surface layer of the skin within the location of the damage.

The laser works to vaporize the damaged cells that are on the surface of the skin and boost production of new collagen, thus revealing newer, firmer and more radiant skin instead. Laser resurfacing also causes the skin to shrink or tighten, preventing wrinkles from deepening. Given ongoing caution to avoid repeated exposure to ultraviolet light, the results from laser resurfacing treatments can last for years. There are many benefits from laser resurfacing that can be obtained. Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles:

Smooth Out Wrinkles with Our Laser Treatments

Contact Regenerative Aesthetics & Lasers NW today to set up your consultation toward a firmer, more youthful looking neck and décolleté today! Your doctor will recommend the laser treatment that is right for you depending on severity and location of skin damage. We look forward to customizing a plan that is right for you.

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