Fractional CO2 skin laser resurfacing Q&A series

So you heard about vampire facial? Have you heard about fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing?

Week 1 of Q&A series on laser skin resurfacing.

Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing recovery time

What is the recovery time following fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing?

It varies. I bet you heard this way too many times, but it really does vary based on how aggressive of a resurfacing you had, what modalities were used and if plasma was used or not. Post procedure regiment also may affect recovery time.

But lets just take a look at what it looks like at our clinic.

Immediately post procedure: You may look a little swollen, a little pink and mildly bloody. Some people look very blood. It  depends on whether you are a natural bleeder or not. Also depends if you had plasma applied to your skin. If plasma (Platelet rich plasma, PRP) was used, then generally you will have an orange/red look to your skin as ween below.

Although if were a bleeder, you are looking something like this:

And no, her skin was not peeled off, the blood lays superficially and purposefully not wiped off as it is mixed with PRP that was applied earlier to the skin during the procedure.

Ever seen or heard of vampire facial? Kim Kardashian had similar procedure done, although it was just microneedling with plasma without the skin resurfacing. A lot of milder procedure, although looks just as bloody. (all credits to allure)


 Same evening/next day: Probably when most of the swelling will occur. This is generally not very significant but you definitely look swollen. If you ever had your lips filled with dermal filler – it is nothing like post filler swelling. Swollen and pink.

1 day post procedure

Day 3-5: When crusting occurs. Your skin changes from pink to brown with crusting on the surface.

Day 3 post procedure 

Day 6-10: When most of redness and top layers flakes off, although if you formed scabs (and having scabs is not bad – it generally appears in areas where you had more aggressive treatment), they usually hang around.

 Day 6 post procedure

Or you may look like this, where more significant scabs formed, but don’t mind it – it resolves beautifully! Just keep it clean and you will have beautiful resurfaced skin in those areas.

Day 7 post procedure

Day 10+: Usually by now you are nearly fully healed, although you continue to have pink hue to your skin; it will resolved around 1 month post procedure fully.

Day 14: Your skin looks gorgeous! Probably best it ever has in the past 5 years or more.

Before--> After at  2 weeks post procedure.



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