Stretch Marks Treatment Options

Before treatment, a couple days after and 8 weeks after treatment.

Photo 1: above: This is what about typical results look like for 20+ year-old stretch marks after 3 treatments with RF microneedling with plasma (without fractional CO2). The results will keep on getting better over the next couple of months and this client may elect to do more to push it a little farther. 

Photo 1: before (redness is from numbing cream) Photo 2: a couple of days after 1st treatment (note marks from needling with blood cauterized by RF energy) Photo 3: after 3rd treatment 8 weeks. Note hyperpigmentation that may occur in darker skin types. This will settle down over next couple of months. 


We hope this blog finds you well and if not, we hope that you recover soon!

Last thing on people’s minds these days are elective aesthetic treatments, as we all are absorbed in the bigger issues in healthcare – the new pandemic and the effect it has healthcare system all around the world.

Here at the Regenerative Aesthetics NW and Spine Institute NW, we are doing our part by putting non-essential visits on hold and caring primarily for our post-surgical and post-procedure patients. If you have any questions about your upcoming care, please email us at

If you are stuck at home, like many of us, and got some time to spare, read on this blog about stretch mark treatment options!


What is the gold standard for stretch mark treatments?

Before I get started, I have to tell you ladies - stretch marks are like a pest that most of us want to get rid of, but now as a new mom I have a whole new prospective on women's body.

The changes my body has undergone with my beautiful baby boy - its is quite incredible and while not all pleasant, I have learned to appreciate it and take my time to get back into shape it was before my baby boy. We should focus on what is important first - our health, our family and our happiness. Our lives have ups and downs, so is our body shape with it. If you are at a point where you can make a little time to yourself and want to look a little better in those bikini - consider stretch marks treatment :) 

Stretch marks treatment options.  

Stretch marks can be very difficult to treat. There are plenty of creams out there on the market claiming to be a miracle cure, although the truth is they likely will not treat your new stretch marks and definitely not the ones you have had for the past 10 years! Topical treatments are best to be utilized as a preventative measures for stretch mark. There are some studies that show preliminary results of reduction in occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy when hyaluronic acid, almond oil or gotu kola extract.

When it comes to treatment of stretch marks, the gold standard are various laser modalities often combined with plasma.

Here at Regenerative Aesthetics and Lasers NW we like to use RF Microneedling for stretch marks treatment. Occasionally it is combined with fractional CO2 resurfacing for lighter skin tones (Fitzpatrick 1-3). For darker skin tones RF microneedling may be used alone. Plasma is then injected directly into the stretch marks, as well as applied topically following the laser treatment.

Generally a series of 3-6 treatments completed every 4 weeks is the standard.

You will start seeing improvement anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks after initial treatment with final result about 6 months after your final treatment.

The procedure is mildly uncomfortable but very tolerable and totally worth it!

While it is important to understand that generally most people will not experience full resolution of their stretch marks, most people reports being happy with their outcome! 100% of people report being satisfied with treatment on!

If you would like to learn more about stretch mark treatment options and if you are a right candidate, contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Yelena Verbitskaya Physician Assistant at Regenerative Aesthetics and Lasers NW, as well as Spine Institute NW. Areas of interest: Regenerative medicine: spine, joints, hair restoration Diagnosis and treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine conditions Diagnosis and treatment of extremity joint pain Fillers and Botulinum toxin injections Non invasive body sculpting: TruSculpt Face and body lasers: facials, vascular, pigmented lesions, acne, rosacea; laser hair removal. Clinical research

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