truSculpt 3D downtime or no downtime?

Is there downtime with trusculpt 3D, a non-invasive radiofrequency based body sculpting?

A common question we get – is there downtime with trusculpt 3D fat reduction and skin tightening?

Virtually none. During the procedure you will experience minimal swelling and redness, but this only lasts for an hour or two post procedure. Next day you should be back to normal!

Photo 1: Redness that occurs during the procedure.

Occasionally a patient or two may report some bruising, but like any bruise, it resolves.

Photo 2: self-reported bruising on the thigh by a patient about 2 weeks post procedure.

Overall the procedure is very safe as long as you are a good candidate for it. The perfect candidate is around BMI 30, has an area of stubborn fat or loose skin, and has no pacemaker or similar mechanical implants in their body. There a couple more contraindications - call us to obtain free consultation at Regenerative Aesthetics and Lasers NW. 

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